Highlights of Artra Condo New Launch Beside Redhill MRT

The Tang group of companies is one of the finest companies in Singapore and the Artra Condo is a project by them. The Tang group of companies is known as the professionals and very experienced, therefore, one can easily predict that the latest new launch of the Artra Condo will surely be a hit, because of all the amazing things and facilities, which it has got to offer.

The Artra Condo will prove to a really good and competitive addition to the resident societies of Singapore. It is located in the Redhill area and around the city fringe, which is a really famous area of Singapore.

The highlights of Artra Condo

The Artra Condo is not just a name of any condominium or a residential society; it is a name of luxurious lifestyle, quality and affordable living. The Artra Redhill has got a lot to offer its customers as the whole purpose of building these luxurious apartments is to meet and fulfill the needs of customers.

As stated above, Artra Condo at Redhill is located in one of the prime and prestigious locations of Redhill, Singapore and this can be considered as one of the basic highlights of the new condominium. The Artra Condo residences will provide a fully-furnished and up to the apartments and living standards to its customers, who will surely enjoy all the benefits and facilities being offered.

Artra Condo

Moreover, because of the prime location, the residents of Artra Condo will have access to the multiple amenities, which will further aid in improving the lifestyle of people. The transportation is one of the basic concerns of the people, who do not own any, therefore, the authorities made sure that the residents of Artra Condo have an easy access to the public transports.

Therefore, the residents of Artra Redhill will have a really quick and easy access to the Redhill MRT station, which is just a walk away from the property’s location. Apart from that, the two main roads, named as the Ayer Rajah and Expressways are also very easily accessible for the residents of the condominium and this particular advantage is always really appreciated by the interested buyers. Artra showflat will be opened to the public soon in Apr 2017.

The residents will have access to all the basic and necessary locations, such as the supermarket and pharmacy, as all of them are just a walk away from the condominium’s location. This particular housing society is different in a lot ways from all the other housing societies, situated in the same location.

This is because, apart from the local or nearby amenities, the Artra Condo has a variety of other facilities, which are exclusively designed for the ease and comfort of its residents. The within the apartment and building facilities are too good to ignore, because everything is made sure to be available under the one roof, so the customers would not have to go out and pay separately for the basic entertainment facilities. Every entertainment facility will be made available to the residents for free, without charging any extra penny.


Guocoland Martin Place Won Top Bid in Government Land Sales (GLS)

Guocoland Martin Place is an amazing location near martin place in Singapore. This land plot presents at the key location of Singapore will turn into a luxurious resort-style residential project. This location makes it highly attractive for most of the developers in the locality. Just like Guocoland has won the top bid for this project from government land sales (GLS) and now it is going to become Martin Modern.

The winning price of the bid is $595.1 million. The lease period is 99 years and the place on which the project will be constructed is a total of 1.6 hectares. The factors that drove Guocoland developer that is a major part of Malaysia Hong Leong Group are described in this article.

Site features of Guocoland Martin Place

The key feature is that the location of the site is really great. It is the driving force that attracted most of the developers to take part in the bidding. The residential condo will make a home for 450 units after construction. Future MRT station is close to the site that makes it easily accessible. The address is near the district 9, which is pretty famous and highly sought after among the well-to-do family. There is a part of this site which is permitted to build only 20 storey buildings on it. The other area can be utilized by having 30 storey buildings.

Guocoland Martin Place

Financial factors

The average price per square foot at Martin Place paid by the Guocoland is $1,239, making the total place to be of $595.1 million. While most of the property analysts suggest the breakeven point of Martin Modern Psf is among $1,900 and $ 2,100 per square foot. The profit margin is not much but the property gurus suggest selling it on around $2300 per square foot. These all estimations are made according to the sales prices in the previous year and present demand in the surrounding area.

Expected output

Guocoland Martin Place will be a high-end development with all the modern day facilities in luxurious style condos. There is an expectation that the project will be launched on the second quarter of 2017 in order to ride on the improved market sentiments. The average size of units is expected to be 1,067 square foot that is a little less than the average unit size in the nearby projects. However, there are also some developments that have unit size even less than this, such as Espada. Martin Modern Showflat will be open April or May 2017.

Future scope

If the site would be launched in 2018 or 2019, there will be huge profit margins because of the currency appreciation by that time. Moreover, the facilities and amenities in the area will add up to the price factor of this new launch. It has a high potential for profit for the investors and also safe because the top bid is won by renowned property developer.

Guocoland Martin Place will turn into a successful project because of the location which is hard to come by due to its scarcity and also very great in terms of demand in these days. This bullish bid will be well paid by the time.

Sharp rise in new Condo Launch in Singapore continues

A clear, crisp ascent popular for brand new condo launch in Singapore in The month of January began with last month with information in the Urban Redevelopment Authority demonstrating that figures were up 29% month on month.

In Feb 2,413 new homes were offered, up in the 1,872 offered in the month of January and incredibly nearly three occasions greater than December’s deals.

For Feb, highly rated projects were located in the agricultural ranges. The very best merchant was sg new condo launch Singapore with 380 units offered. Sg new condo launch, which is found in the town of Singapore, furthermore performed well with offers of 275 units. Home purchasers are additionally gobbling up official sg new condo launch with 257 offered at 183 Longhouse, 187 units in the Trilive@kovan and 186 units at Sturdee Residence

Counting, an aggregate of three, 138 units were offered last month, up 51% contrasted with the month of January and examiners stated low financing pricing is fuelling interest web hosting qualities in Singapore. They furthermore anticipate that request holds in March and stated deals would remain to seem on-going which could produce the legislature presenting even more cooling measures.

‘After the December cooling measures, in the month of January and Feb, the thing is that business volume has indeed expanded considerably more. Also, when it continues staying in an abnormal condition, say above 1,500 units for each month.

Even though examiners don’t discount further property cooling measures in the administration, some stated the achievable affect this the reality will surface eventually quieted.

‘It dislikes an abrupt shock after five models; it’s arrived at a conclusion that at whatever point financial markets are solid, there’s a serial inclination to pressure more and more measures. That effect itself, the moment you expect that it’ll happen, it’s not a stunner. It will not greatly modify the gloomy, A clarified Alan Cheong, Research mind at Savills Singapore.

Pricing is not ought to be course anticipated that will increase. ‘Costs are prone to stay stable, for the reason that there’s a massive way of measuring supply on-going. When you are taking a gander at GLS (Government Land Sales), there has been a substantial quantity of locales which have been offered as of this moment, and arranging to become dispatched

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